Please contact for all your catering needs. We would love to customize a menu for you event.

Every event is unique. Because of this, we like to create individual menus for each event. We can do simple lunches, fancy brunches and multi-course dinners. We can do intimate dinners for two to weddings for 300. Inside, outside, at home, in your office, at that cool warehouse space you rented,  we can go anywhere!

Send us an email, let us know what type of event you are planning, tell us your budget and we will create a menu for you. Its really that simple.

Holiday Party Menus

Pass Around Appetizers

roasted squash, sesame, shiitake mushroom

brie with fig and pistachio

brie, fig and pistachio crostini

baby bocconcini, cherry tomato and basil skewers


Main Course, Buffet Style

roast pork loin stuffed with apricots, sundried cranberries and apples with a dijon mustard glaze

baked salmon with sundried tomatoes, italian parsley and olive oil

oven roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic

wild rice with mushrooms and parmesan

roasted beets and carrots with sunflower seeds and scallions

brussel sprouts with bacon and cream

field greens with currants, feta and walnuts in a balsamic vinaigrette

romaine lettuce with artichoke, red onion and avocado in lime, cilantro dressing


assorted dainties and cookies

Menu #2

Pass Around Apps

berber spiced shrimp with mint and lemongrilled shrimp

savoury profiteroles with chicken liver mousse and cornichon

roast garlic and white bean tapenade with eggplant relish

Main Course, Buffet Style

Brown sugar and smoked paprika crusted beef tenderloin with chimichurri

Chicken fricasee with leeks and mushrooms

sweet and savoury potato dauphinoise

saffron pilaf with sundried cranberries, raisins and toasted pine nuts

green beans with pancetta and parmesan

roasted cauliflower with coriander, orange and chilies

roasted root vegetables with sage and brown butter

Butter lettuce with fennel and grapefruit in a mint and ginger dressing

arugula salad with roasted pear, blue cheese and walnuts in a red wine vinaigrette


banana, chocolate chip bread pudding with warm caramel sauce

CD Launch Cocktail Party  $15/personblue squash

Smoked Salmon with dill cream cheese on cucumber slices

Profiteroles with chicken liver mousse and cornichons

Roast Jarrahdale squash with shitake and sesame

Bosc pears with prosciutto, fig jam and blue cheese

caprese salad bites with cherry tomato, basil and bocconcinni

berber spiced grilled shrimp with lemon and mint

Thanksgiving Dinner

Just the Turkey

    turkey Brined, seasoned and stuffed. Ready to roast                                    $8/person (min 8 ppl)

     Roasted and Ready to serve, delivered hot.                                                           $15/person

      for a free run bird, add $5/person

All the Sides

     squashmashed potatoes, baked yams, 3 veggie dishes, cranberry  sauce, pickles, gravy and a salad         $12/person (min 8 ppl)


     Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and Chocolate Brownies                                 $8/person (min 8 ppl)


     mini crab and corn cakes, kale and feta galettes,

     blue cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms                                          $9/person


Three Sample Menus for a celebratory luncheon

Menu 1:coppa app

Starters  $6/person

Labneh with pomegranate, lemon and pistachio

Hummus with olives and crispy eggplant

warm feta dip with cherry tomatoes and basil

Luncheon $20/person

arugula with lentils, shaved fennel and grapefruit

crab cakes with mango salsa and sweet potato puree

lavender shortbread,  white chocolate mousse, blackberries and almonds

Menu 2:brie with fig and pistachio

Pass around apps $9/ person

smoked steelhead cakes, lemon ginger aioli

butternut squash with shitake mushrooms and apple

za’tar roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, crostini

Luncheon $20/person

creamy cauliflower soup, roasted cauliflower, sesame oil, lime

Roasted pork loin, baby potatoes, gingered snap peas

coconut panna cotta, peach granita,  mint, hazelnuts, orange zest

Menu 3:

Pass around apps $11/person

grilled shrimpgrilled shrimp with berber spice and pomegranate molasses

baked brie on crostini with fig and pistachio

roasted artichoke with coppa and parmesan

Luncheon $23/person

Grilled corn and tomato panzanella with fresh basilpanzanella

stonewall steelhead on green lentils with celery root remoulade

dark chocolate truffle cake, sour cherries, dark rum and brown sugar whipped cream

MotherShuckers Oyster Party

$30/person (if you want more oysters we will charge and additional $3 per oyster)


For a fun party idea, host an oyster shucking party. Invite your friends and we will show up with a box full of oysters, an assortments of condiments and oysters knives. Let Chef Alex show you how to shuck an oyster and then let the fun ensue.  

oyster shuck

Evening includes 6 oysters per person, all the necessary supplies and a chef to teach you how to shuck.  We will bring lemon, hot sauce, horseradish and an assortment of mignonettes.

To book an oyster party, email us at

Sample Menues

A Light Three Course Dinner for August
(dairy free)

Pass Arounds

coppabutternut squash with shitake and apple

crostini with arugula pesto, coppa and cherry Tomato

smoked steelhead cakes with spicy mint aioli and smoked steelhead



fresh fig, caramelized fennel, toasted walnuts and arugula
with a lemon balsamic vinaigrette


steelhead trout on green lentils with roasted nugget potatoes, green beans
and cucumber remoulade


coconut panna cotta with grilled peach granita, pomegranate seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, coconut, dried mango, fresh peaches,  fresh fig and mint

Casual Summer Wedding Luncheon

Pass Around Hors’ D’oeuvres


summer tomato, basil and goat feta bruschetta

cold poached shrimp on cucumber with avocado

pork banh mi sliders


Salad and Sandwich Buffet

kale and quinoa salad with sultana raisins, sunflower seeds
and toasted coconut with a crab apple vinaigrette

chopped market veggie salad with green goddess dressing

mixed greens with roasted peaches, hazelnuts
and crispy prosciutto with balsamic vinegar

egg saladopen faced curried egg salad sandwiches with snap peas, mango and cashews

cucumber sandwiches with dill cream cheese

braised lamb sandwiches with romaine lettuce, whipped feta and olive tapenade

grilled chicken sandwiches with slow roasted tomatoes
and ginger, preserved lemon and basil

grilled eggplant, zucchini and bell pepper sandwiches with hummus


charcoal and applewood bbq beef on dinner rolls
with horseradish and Smak Dab mustards

Mussel Station

beer, bacon and cheddar mussels

tequila, lime and jalapeño mussels


an assortment of pies brought to the table



Seven Course Spring Wine Tasting Menusalad pic

sunflower seed cracker, salty butter, paper thin slice of Radish
Sparkling Brut

soft polenta, mascarpone, rhubarb
Pinot Gris

mountain spinach, green strawberry, barely poached salmon, salmon roe, popped buckwheat, tarragon, begonia petals
dry rosé

rabbit terrine, serrano honey vinegar, broccoli stem, golden raisins, gorgonzola
marsanne, rousanne, viognier

salt roasted lamb loin, green pea gnocchi, buttered brioche crumbs, guanciale, mint
syrah, viognier

dry aged ribeye, haskap berry, roasted mushrooms, dried shitake jus,
heirloom carrots, asparagus
    bordeaux blend

dark chocolate almond torte, black pepper and brown sugar ice cream, aged balsamic, burnt almonds, dried currants







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