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So we did it. We have opened little goat. We took possession of the space at 2615 portage avenue on Thursday, November 24 and we opened for breakfast on Tuesday, December 4th. It’s still a work in progress, probably always will be, we still have chairs to build, bookshelves to assemble and stock, walls to paint and people to hire, but we opened our sunny front room and started serving on Tuesday morning.key


Some of you might be asking, “weren’t you going to be in Osborne Village?” Well, that was the plan, but things don’t always work out how you expect they will. Some of you know what happened, the rest will have to use their imagination. I was always taught, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”  Anyway,  when things fell apart, we went looking a new place. Our two criteria were that it had to be already set up as a restaurant and it had to be in a vibrant neighbourhood. This is when we came across this building in Sunny St. James. I didn’t really realize that there are lots of people living down here. And they are really nice people! So we found this little spot, made a deal, and then spent 10 days of ridiculously long hours to get it ready to open. This is the first time we have ever set an opening date for a spot, and actually opened on that date.

People have asked, “are you doing a soft opening?”. Sort of, not really. We are solidly open. However, we are opening one meal service at a time in the chronological order of the meals in your day.  First, this week, we are open for breakfast. Next week, we will open for lunch. We are still waiting for our liquor licence, and at this late date we probably won’t get it before Christmas, so we expect we will open for dinner early in the new year. We are open Tuesday to Saturday, this week from 8 to 11, next week from 8 to 3. We will have a website soon, it will be at (Don’t go look yet, it’s still being developed)


Our phone number, if you want to talk to us in person is 204-254-GOAT (4628)

Here is a look at our opening menu, hope to see you here soon, we are ready and eager to serve!

LG Breakfast 4 PDF


People have asked, “are you still doing catering?”


One of the reasons we fell in love with this space, is that there is plenty of room to prep for catering events. For example, we are catering 3 office parties  this weekend and a First Night of Chanukah event next week.

For catering, please contact us at


We are hiring for all positions. If you are interested in being a part of a workplace that celebrates diversity, creativity and genuine hospitality, please email a resume to or just drop in to 2615 Portage Ave.


The Gift

Sometimes gifts arrive in the most curious of packages. So curious, in fact, that it can take a few moments to even recognize it as a gift. We’ve recently had the experience of receiving an expected, unrecognizable gift.

Our business was taken away from us.

Truly, did not see that coming. Six weeks before we were ousted, we had signed a lease on a new restaurant. We all met and planned and chatted excitedly about possibilities. And then, we were out. And, for awhile, it was ugly; the gift that causes waves of nausea, fear and confusion, is really, really hard to recognize as a gift.

But, as a bit of time passed, and we were able to start to see the glimmers of possibility. We began to experience a shift in our vision. Maybe we want to do more than run a restaurant? Alex and I have been in the restaurant and hospitality industry for a very long time. He has been a chef for 25 years, we opened our first restaurant together 15 years ago. We have catered every kind of event imaginable, from a 4 person private event under a tent where the guests arrived by boat to many 200 person sit-down weddings to 5,000 person dinners in a field. We have run an intimate, open-kitchen bistro, a fun and packed lounge, a butcher shop… We have toured and cooked. We have done tv, radio and magazine articles. We have cooked for our friend living with cancer and her celiac husband. We have said “yes” to every special request that came our way. We have mixed cocktails and grown our own veggies and herbs. We hosted our very first dinner party when we were 20 years old, complete with a theme and 4 courses. For years, we hosted a weekly Friday night dinner of about 20 people, where everyone threw $5 in a pot to cover the food costs (this was a few years ago…) and we sat in the glow of each other’s company and unpacked our long weeks together. We catered our own wedding. Seriously. For 30 years now, we have lived food, drinks, and hospitality. And for the past 15 years, we have focussed on running our own restaurants. Maybe the time has come to shift our gaze. To lean deeply into the parts of food culture which often get pushed to the side when running a busy place: writing about food, creating recipes, talking about cookbooks, spending time with farmers, hosting events. And talking with other people about it all.

For as long as I can remember, community has been key to our lives. Being connected to people and experiencing life together is so very important to us. We hope we are going to be able to create community here. We hope to answer questions, learn about so much, provide support, and have a really good chat. Our website is intended to be dynamic and engaged with the community. We will write about our food experiences, we will take pictures, talk, cook, laugh, love and share it all with you.

Food and community, what else is there?

Thank you for coming to our website.



dnaWelcome to our new website. We want to write about food, dream about food, cook food. We want to share recipes, swap ideas, answer questions, ask questions. We will cater, maybe open a restaurant, maybe write a book. Need help? We can help you with an event, give you advice on any food projects you may have in mind, help you execute. You dream it, we will help you create it. Stay tuned to this page, we will have lots happening here.


p.s. we are new at writing and designing our own website, we welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions or requests, please send them to Thanks.

First blog post